Plymouth Centre for Faiths & Cultural Diversity


Ofsted reported a key weakness across the UK is that schools do not enable children and young people to understand and experience themselves as part of a wider multicultural and multifaith society.

Since it’s founded, the Centre has successfully created hundreds of opportunities for children and young people to meet speakers from a variety of faith and cultural backgrounds in schools or other settings. These encounters allow children to experience the reality of religion as a way of living life and identify the values that all religions teach which are central to community cohesion. Through diversity, we can see the common thread of human and spiritual values that underpin what it means to be human. These values ensure the future security and well-being of our local and international community.



Faith and cultural Speakers in the classroom (Session and workshops) – Contribute to RE and the wider spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions. 
Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Humanism, Sikhism, Quakerism, Unitarian and Inter-faiths, Japanese, African, Chinese, Aboriginal culture, Storytelling, Meditation/Mindfulness, Origami.

Plymouth’s famous Synagogue, Islamic and Buddhist Centres and Churches, including the Greek Orthodox, Methodist Central Hall, St. Andrew, St. Peter, and Plymouth Unitarian.
A Faith Trail to two or three of these venues can also be arranged.

Guest Speakers
When available and visiting Plymouth, e.g. A Jewish Holocaust survivor, a documentary filmmaker or cultural performers.

These can be borrowed from the Centre. The Resources Room is the ideal place for teachers to meet to explore the stories, teachings and insights behind every artefact.

If you would like to book Faith speaker sessions or Faith Centre visits, please download our booking forms and send them by email to




PCFCD offers 4 levels of subscription and schools will able to select the appropriate level (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) based on their anticipated usage. All subscriptions run from 1st April to 31st March every year.

A bespoke service is provided for each school enabling you to use your subscription in the way that fits best with your requirements.  However, there are examples of possible usage for each subscription level below to help you assess your school’s needs.

£450.00 £550.00 £700.00 £1000.00
Example Usage: Example Usage: Example Usage: Example Usage:
1x Planning Meeting 1x Planning Meeting 1x Planning Meeting 1x Planning Meeting
6x Faith Speaker Visits

(2 per term)

6x Faith Speaker Visits

(2 per term)

6x Faith Speaker Visits

(2 per term)

6x Faith Speaker Visits

(2 per term)

1x Workshop/Practitioner 3x Workshops/Practitioners

(1 per term)

2x Workshops/Practitioners 6x Workshops/Practitioners

(2 per term)

1x Faith Centre Visit 1x Faith Centre Visit 1x 3 Centre Faith Trail 1x 3 Centre Faith Trail


Over half of Plymouth schools currently subscribe to PCFCD’s services through Plymouth City Council’s annual “Services4Schools” process as well as a number of schools from outside the Plymouth area. Schools within Devon and Cornwall who are not part of the “Services4Schools” process are welcome to contact the Centre directly to arrange their annual subscription using the form below.

Because of the benefits to children across the curriculum and beyond, all schools are encouraged to secure an annual subscription from within the whole school budget, not just the RE one!

All the services provided by PCFCD are also available to non-subscribing schools on a “pay-as-you-use” basis but are chargeable at a higher rate.

Want To Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about our services, our subscription packages or how to book some sessions with us, please contact us.



“Thank you for your tremendous help and support in making the cultural day so successful we have had the most positive feedback so far.”
Secondary school teacher

“My favourite bit was when people dressed up. We really enjoyed it.”
Sophie, year 3 pupil

“Thank you for coming to our school we learned a lot more about Africa.”
Chelsea, year 3 pupil

“The best bit was when we did the role play of marriage. I liked the shrine and the incense.”
Chantelle, year 6 student

“They thought the stained glass windows and the Torah scrolls were beautiful. I am sure that the visit will help them appreciate the importance of valuing people who follow different religions.”
Primary school teacher following a visit to the Synagogue.

“It is much better to hear about it from someone who has actually experienced it rather than reading about it in a book.”
Nicola, Year 9 student

“The facts and details which you gave made the lesson different to the way we normally work.”
Michael, Year 9 pupil

“No sight or picture of the Holocaust could have brought it home more than meeting a survivor.”
Andrew, year 11 student